COMPANY HISTORY and a Message from our President

At Powerhouse Coach,  we build to order custom luxury motor coaches, Trailers,
toter trucks and special use emergency vehicles using full size class 8 diesel truck chassis.

If you don't start with a good solid foundation, then the beauty is only skin deep. 
At Powerhouse, our beauty starts with a superior 52,000 lb GVW rated chassis foundation 1/8 inch plate steel storage compartments.  A top quality construction coach body with all of the upgraded interior options you would expect in luxury motor coaches and topped off with custom designed base/clear coat  paint.

Powerhouse Coaches Trailers & Toter Trucks are built & sold factory direct. 
Giving you what you want, while receiving the utmost in customization & value! 

Compare Powerhouse for 
Power   Safety  Value  Options  &  Reliability!

My family and I have always been blessed with being close and enjoying the outdoors. If it is done outdoors and involves something with a motor on it, we do it.

We have been enjoying RV’s for many years.  In the mid 90's we began looking at moving from a camp trailer to a motor home. 

After being in the towing and auto body business for 20 years, I knew the problems with the typical  motor coaches being so unstable and under powered.  I have seen first hand what was left of one after an accident  (which wasn't much) and have towed lots of low-mile coaches with blown motors and burned up transmissions.

I looked at some coaches built from a bus chassis which offered a little more sturdy coach and a better  chassis.

A bus chassis, however, had many problems: 

(1) Even ten year old buses, with  no slide outs, many of which  had old obsolete two stroke diesel engines  were over $175,000.00. 
(2) A bus with a single drive axle and low ground clearance would make our off road camping difficult. 
(3) A bus with a rear mounted engine would make the addition of a large capacity towing receiver difficult and expensive. 
(4) I would still own something that would be a nightmare to work on, service or get parts for.

It's hard to find the engine and transmission in a bus or pusher coach, let alone actually work on it.

After being raised in a family trucking business and spending most of my childhood servicing and maintaining 
semi trucks, I decided to build a custom luxury motor coach using a real class 8 semi truck. 

After building a Powerhouse Coach in 1998, the results and response from everyone who saw it was overwhelming. 

The Powerhouse Coach was not only safe and affordable, but was also capable of towing and stopping anything I wanted to put behind it.  I was actually using less fuel in this coach than I had been using in a Dodge pickup to pull my camp trailer and motorcycles, let alone the unbelievable power stability and safety I gained.

Over the next year, after selling two luxury motor coaches built for my personal use, I started selling custom luxury motor coaches as my primary business.

The auto body repair and towing services were soon phased out to keep up with demand for custom luxury motor coaches.

My crew and I take GREAT PRIDE and satisfaction in providing each and everyone of our customers with an extremely high quality, one-of-a-kind luxury motor coach.

Contact the coach owners who are now eagerly working as Powerhouse Coach factory representatives 
and talk to them about the performance of their custom luxury motor coaches. 

Please take the time to explore the Powerhouse web site. 
Compare the run of the mill coaches you already know about to the
next generation in luxury motor coaches.

At Powerhouse we offer:
Custom Ultra Line Motor Coaches, Powerhouse Coaches and Toter Trucks
built the way you want them.

Doug Tolbert President  Powerhouse Coach Inc.