Compare Custom Coaches

           Compare And See Why Nothing Compares To A Powerhouse
Other vehicles just can't compare to a Powerhouse
No two people or job requirements are the same, at Powerhouse we custom  build each unit to do the job and fit your style and taste . Production lines just   can not provide that for you. At Powerhouse we spend a lot of time finding out what YOU need and accommodate our customers in design and functionality. 

Before you purchase any type of recreational or emergency vehicle think this through, you can add chrome glitz and glitter to anything but if the chassis is no good what do you really have. 

Take a hard look at the facts YOU BE THE JUDGE 

what can it carry on its back, and what the brakes designed to stop 

Powerhouse with a class 8 truck chassis 
52.000 pounds 
a 52 foot 3 slide coach will weigh aprox  44k FULL OF WATER & FUEL 
that means you can load 8 to 10.000 lb. inside the coach 
and then tow another 40 to 60.000 behind you 

The run of the mill mid size chassis 
26 to 38 thousand pounds 
you can load 2 to 4.000 lb. including fuel and water 
good luck with not overloading this coach 

One ton pickup 
88 hundred to 11 thousand  pounds 


Powerhouse with a class 8 truck chassis 
H    load rating 6600 lb. single 

The run of the mill mid size chassis 
F    load rating 2800 lb. single 

One ton pickup 
E    load rating 2700 lb. single 

look at the foot pounds of torque horse power is great but it doesn't get you up the hill 
? How much longer will an engine last that is under worked VS one that is doing all it can 

Powerhouse with a class 8 truck chassis 
size 12.7 to 15 liter 
horse power 430 to 600 
torque 1250 to 1850 
fuel economy when moving 30k to 80k  lb. down the road 
13 to 8 miles per gallon carrying 230 to 300 gallons of fuel 

The run of the mill mid size chassis 
size 8 to 11 liter 
horse power 300 to 400 
torque 600 to 900 
fuel economy when moving 30k to 50k  lb. down the road 
13 to 8 miles per gallon carrying 100 to 200 gallons of fuel 

One ton pickup 
size 6 to 8 liter 
horse power 350 to 450 
torque 550 to 700 
fuel economy when moving 30k to 50k  lb. down the road 
13 to 8 miles per gallon carrying 25 to 30 gallons of fuel 

ask you mechanic witch engine & drive train will last longer than your payments 
 and stick your head under and look at the frame and drive line size 

look at the factory warranty, the chassis manufacture knows how long they can 
afford to stand behind there product 

Powerhouse class 8 truck chassis 
New Chassis 500.000 miles engine 750.000  transmission and diffs 
Used Chassis 200.000 mile extended warranty $ 3200.00 

The run of the mill mid size chassis 
150.000 miles engine 250.000 miles transmission and rear ends 
extended warranty $ 2500.00 

One ton pickup 
36.000 miles engine 50.000 miles transmission and rear ends 
extended warranty $ 1000.00 

Class 8 semi trucks are literally a MILLION mile chassis 
they are built to do a massive amount of work for a  LONG  LONG  TIME 
Don't take my word for it go to a diesel repair shop near you show him the Powerhouse web site and ask for his opinion 

    COMPARE  POWER:  Beginning with a truck tractor of your choice, we will mount a coach  on a power unit with up to 650 horse power & 2000 foot pounds of torque, that will take you anywhere under almost any driving condition.  You will find these custom coaches  surprisingly easy to handle and with an auto shift transmission anyone can drive.   There is no commercial CDL license required.  Because your Powerhouse  is a recreational vehicle you are not required to stop at port of entries, weigh stations, or DOT inspections. Compare a Powerhouse to the average diesel pusher 300 to 400 horse power and 700 to 900 foot pounds of torque and even though these large powerhouse 13 to 14 liter engines will double the smaller engines in power  and durability.  The fuel economy will be almost the same a 50 foot powerhouse coach will get 8 to 11 mgp and will drop very little towing even the heaviest loads . 


This is a piston and connecting rod from 
a large bore 14 liter class 8 semi engine that we use for our products 
Compare this 5.5 inch bore liner to the want to be engines that all the other  manufactures build with

     COMPARE SAFETY:  Because your truck tractor was designed to carry hundreds of thousands of pounds you will have unparalleled breaking and stability which means you will not have to worry about rutted roads or windstorms and if you do get into an accident you and your family will be protected by the engine out in front of you and a 1/8 inch plate steel body below you .  Compare a Powerhouse with a 50,000 lb. GVW.  Even a 50 foot double glide coach loaded with 300 gal fuel water ect will scales at under 40,000 lb. thus allowing you to load 10,000 lb. inside your coach and storage compartment let alone the added 40,000 lb. you can tow behind .   Read the  fine print    in the brochure you got from the other guys  allot of times you will find that they are so maxed out on there GVW capacity they wont even show the weight with the tanks full . It is very easy to see that a Powerhouse stands alone when it comes to safety


A braking system designed for 50k lb.
16 inch clutch 
16 inch brake drum 
7 inch brake shoes

     COMPARE RELIABILITY:  Because your truck tractor was designed to travel millions of miles, your powerhouse  will give you years of reliable service.  Compare  factory warranty , a new over the road truck  has  a 500.000 mile engine warrantee  and 750.000 mile drive train warrantee, and unlike bus conversions,  diesel pushers,  any service or repair work needed can be done at any 24 hr truck shop across the country with a lot better parts prices and availability. Go to an  repair shop near you and ask the mechanic how many coaches they tow in with blown motors with less than 100,000 miles and also ask him what the extra charge is to work on coaches that you can hardly see the engine let alone work on it . 

     COMPARE OPTIONS:  Because I will be building your powerhouse from the ground up, you are in control.  You will decide virtually everything about your unit.  We will completely designed a coach around what you like to do.  Your coach can be designed to haul a car, your horses, your motorcycles, your four Wheeler (s), your sand rail or virtually anything you want or with a towing capacity of 40.000 lb.  , tow anything.  With a massive amount of storage space you can take along anything you need.  When weight is not a factor almost anything is possible. Compare a Powerhouse to the choices and selection you will find at a motor coach dealer you may have some choices of a couple of different decals some interior colors some floor plans ect . At Powerhouse you design what you want.   We build custom coaches. 

     COMPARE  VALUE:  If you have ever shopped for a motor home  you'll see that nothing else even compares in value.  Most 36 foot diesel pusher motor homes with 300 to 400 horsepower on an overloaded unstable chassis, on undersize tires, start at about 150,000.  Bus conversion coaches with a  good chassis and enough horsepower to actually go somewhere range from $250,000 for a nice used early 90's model to $1,000,000 for an entry model marathon bus conversion.  Compare a Powerhouse starting at 
$319,000 and our top of the line FOUR slide units with everything you can imagine on a new chassis for around $650,000