Custom Powerhouse Toter Facts

Did you know that each Powerhouse Custom Conversion... 

Has an engine rated at between 1,250 and 1,850 lb/ft torque? 

Has a built-in air compressor that works off the engine of the truck? 

Uses an air braking system rated and  built for a 52,000 lb.? 

Commercial trucks tow up to a 120,000 lb.? 

Has dual diesel fuel tanks totaling 230-300 gallons? 

Is built with double steel frame rail construction, plus additional steel reinforcement? 

Uses approximately two hundred and fifty 5/8" Grade #8 frame bolts (flange bolts), each with a sheer rating of over 20,000 lbs each? 

Uses a full height, roomy Volvo truck that passengers can stand straight up and walk around in, with a passageway that is wide and tall (no need to stoop over like with some conversions). 

Uses full size commercial grade 16 ply tires (diesel pushers use 10 ply, sometimes 12)? 

Has front-to-back, solid 1/8" steel armor locking exterior storage compartments on both sides, as well as large pass through storage space for folding picnic tables, ski equipment, etc.? 

Comes with a full 2 year conversion warrantee? 

Any Powerhouse owner  will tell you nothing matches their vehicle for safety, power, value, options, or fun? 

Any Powerhouse owner  will tell you no matter where they go or when they go, people will always come up to them wanting to know about their Powerhouse?