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NOTE PRICES FOR 2018 NOTE ADD 10% FOR 2019 10 % 2020 15% 2021 PRICE INCREASE 

Click Here 406K Base Price Ultra Coach Line Prices & Options
 NEW FOR 2019 

MIDIUM DUTY Alum Skin Enclosed Car Hauler/ Toy Hauler Trailers Build to Match Expedition Truck Campers and 

Class C Expedition Motor homes 40-70K Traditional Alum Skin Construction with PHC Steel lower Storage


PHC Self Drive Sytem also available for sale to add to YOUR Existing Trailer  


72K Base Price 25 to 35 foot Custom Enclosed  Trailer                         Prices & Options Listed Below

ALL our trailers use Heavy duty 12 inch I beam frame rails 2 X 2 Inch steel cross Tubing with a 12 gauge  steel tread plate floor & R-25 underbelly urethane insulation  .    Walls are a FULL vacuum bond ( NO SCREWS OR RIVETS ON SIDE WALLS ) with a seamless fiberglass gel coat exterior & a nice vinyl coated interior decor board interior with R-10 insulation . Roof is a crowned 16 inch centered truss system roof, full walk on with a seamless 10 year warranty rubber/vinyl exterior  & R-30 urethane insulation 4 florescent 12 volt lights . Lower sides & storage doors are 1/8 plate steel with 14 gauge steel storage boxes & stainless steel locking Handles . Upper is all high quality Gel Coat and lower steel sides are painted white with  Premiere base coat clear coat paint .Our standard trailer uses two commercial axles with oil hubs 12k capacity each axles with leaf springs suspension and duel tires , electric brakes  & a 25k rated 2 5/16 ball hitch . Storage Boxes and Floor decking is painted with a black single part bed liner type .

You will find the construction of a Powerhouse custom trailer to FAR EXCEED  that of the normal production built trailers you have seen . They are custom built from scratch and can be designed to do most any job you have in mind and carry MASSIVE amounts of weight . Make sure you check out the video link on the home page to see our EXCLUSIVE self propelled trailers in action.

Trailer options

Self drive
self contained electric hydraulic pump and battery system with charger
hydraulic landing gear with self propulsion drive & steering system                   ( look at this video link  to see it in action )
$ 16,200

Hydraulic beaver tail 
Rear section of trailer floor hydraulically drops down to work together with the gate ramp to make a LOW loading angle 
( look at this video link  to see it in action )
$ 2,400

Hydraulic ramp gate 
Heavy duty 2X2 steel tubing rear gate with steel deck plate driving surface lowers down at the push of a button making a nice ramp to load cars toys & cargo 
( look at this video link  to see it in action )
$ 2,100

Wench ramp gate 
Heavy duty 2X2 steel tubing rear gate with steel deck plate driving surface lowers down with an electric cable wench at the push of a button making a nice ramp to load cars toys & cargo ( does require special attention when used along with the rear beaver tail option
$ 1,975

Hydraulic lift gate 3000 lb. capacity
A hydraulic car elevator that drops flat to the ground and then lifts straight up to the deck level specially designed to LOW LOW clearance race cars  lift is then closed by hooking a wench cable to the deck and wrenching the lift closed 
$ 28,800

rear hydraulic legs to stabilize trailer to allow loading and unloading when not connected to coach includes adding a electric valve stack to hydraulic system       ( recommended hydraulic lift gate )

Hydraulic stacker car lift 
4 post Stacker lift rated for 4000 Lb.  to lift a car to a raised position 

Pre build for Stacker
Pre build chassis and deck for Stacker lift to be added in the future adding extra steel cross members and extra hydraulics 

Add a 3rd 12k axle 
with the 3rd 12k duel tire axles and a pental hitch you will have a 36k GVW trailer ( a heavier I beam is also used in this 3 axle build ) 
$ 4,800 ( over 26K GVW will make trailer subject to 12% FET Tax )

upgrade to air braking system from standard electric brakes 
$ 6,800

Basement storage lockers
Basement storage lockers 4 total one for batteries and hydraulics 3 for added storage 
Aprox  40 X 35 X  18 inches deep 
$ 3,500 ( number and size will vary depending on options )

Seamless fiberglass interior upgrade 
Upgrade the interior wall and ceiling covering from the standard Rv type vinyl décor paneling with seams every 4 feet to a one piece smooth Gel Coat white interior 
$ 6,500   ( recommended highly VERY tough NICE interior )

Floor and Storage bay upgrade

Upgrade to two part pickup bed liner product for the floor covering ( very clean look very tough )
$ 3,200
Upgrade to two part pickup bed liner product for the storage box interiors ( very clean look very tough ) 
$ 2,100

E track tie down system 
Price for two rows of E track universal tie down system on the floor 
Price for a row of E track universal tie down system on both side walls 

19 foot  power awning with wind sensor ( available for both sides)

four outside 12 volt lights 

four additional interior 12 volt florescent  lights 

Rear cameras  ( may require some added switching components in your coach )
one  rear back up camera  ( very nice feature added safety aimed out to traffic) 
$ 1,575 
second rear back up camera  ( very nice feature added safety aimed down to see back up clearance  ) 
$ 875 

1000 watt power inverter system 
( provides A/C power from batteries for a tv or other small items) 
$ 1,800

price per pair of additional 6 volt deep cycle batteries ( added batteries recommended with inverter or self drive options )

power shore power cord real ( no more fighting the shore power cords ) 

Solar battery charging
 solar 2 panel battery charging system 160 watt includes controller ( recommended with self drive or hydraulic gates or lifts to make sure you always have battery power ) 

solar 6 panel battery charging system 480 watt includes controller 

3,500 watt  quiet Oman generator includes fuel tank 

Bunk Beds
6 bunk beds that fold down from the walls ( cushions not included roll up backpacking cushions that can be easily stored recommended )
$ 3,150 

Side doors
two side man doors with hand fold up steps


 20 inch flat screen tv DVD  wall mounted usually in V nose area 
24 inch flat screen tv DVD  wall mounted usually in V nose area
Outside 40 inch LCD  tv with a separate DVD player 
built into the wall  under the awning 

Custom Painting

custom designed exterior paint elaborate four color overlapping 
striping design Dupont Premier base coat clear coat paint 
(4 color includes two tone - base coach color white) 
$18,950 ( all white standard )
complete custom paint changing base color from white your choice 

Wheels & Tires
upgrade to 4  aluminum wheels and chrome cap kits 
$ 2,295 ( not a coated wheel they will require polishing maintenance )

upgrade to 4  stainless steel wheel simulator kits ( easy to take care of look good) 
$ 1,850

Fuel tank and pump
built in 12 volt d/c gasoline pump with  hose 
approximately 50 gallon tank ( gas up you toys or tow car ) 

Heating & Cooling

Saddle propane tank & propane catalytic heater 
$ 2,100 
1 roof heating / cooling unit 15,000 btu single return and outlet 
includes A/C panel 30 Amp ( good down to 38 degrees for heating ) 
2 ton  heating / cooling unit single return and outlet 
includes 50 amp A/C panel  ( allows for a taller interior when cooling is needed good down to 38 degrees for heating )
 $6,600  ( located inside trailer in front V nose area )

Radio remote control to operate self drive and all other trailer options 
$ 3,600  ( very nice to be able to walk around ream of trailer while using self 
drive option and lowering gates and ramps RECOMMENDED)

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