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Custom Coach with Stacker Trailer

2007 Quad with matching STACKER Trailer
     NEW race car lift to load  low to the ground race cars 
Luxury Motor Coach Built starting with a Brand NEW VOLVO 780 semi truck 
Note the custom paint that lines right up on this 35 ft trailer 
Luxury Motor Home Trailer even has a matching awning 
Let us build you a matching Coach & Custom trailer 
The box setting on the lift is the wireless remote control 
This car weighs 4200 Lbs We recommend lifting around 3500
6500 Lb Car lift inside to accommodate two  small race cars in this case 
( our trailers are custom build deck height axle setup what ever you need  to carry your toys    it is all about custom designing for your needs )
White Glass interior VERY VERY CLEAN & Nice 
( Basement storage lockers with outside side compartments as well.  You have Huge storage )
2 Ton A/C - Heating unit built into custom bench 
  The Upgraded Fiberglass Glass Wall interior is AWESOME 
 This Trailer has a 30 foot side wall with a total length of about 35 ft with the V nose and tongue it has two 12k duel tire axles in this case giving you about 12,000 lbs for cars and equipment 
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PowerHouse Coach has been building custom motor coaches since 1998.
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