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First, you will want to scan our web site to get a general idea of the vehicles and options we offer .We go to great lengths to make our web site VERY informative & straight forward about what we do and what a custom rig will cost .

Next, you will want to print off the list of present options from the prices page you will also find  links on that page for prices on the Custom built trailers and custom line coaches we offer . Circle the options you like,  make notes and write down your questions . Many times looking through the site will show pictures of the different options that interest you . Make sure to take a look @ the currant floor plans we have and print out and make notes on it as well . NOW simply add up the options you have circled and you will have a VERY close price on YOUR Custom Coach. We do Business VERY straight forward here @ Powerhouse. Most custom builds require 7 months to complete ( Remember this is a custom built hand crafted luxury coach, Quality Custom work takes time )

At this point I am sure you can see the superior Safety Quality and Value that we offer .We are not out to build the fastest, by cookie cutter mass production ,or build the cheapest truck based coach, SIMPLY THE BEST . It has been my experience that my customers DO there homework and discover for them selves the GREAT reputation we have for quality and value in the truck based Luxury Market . We are a family owned and operated business and enjoy the opportunity to work first hand with our customers to custom hand craft a one of a kind rig set up to fit THERE needs .

Send me an email Doug@powerhousecoach.com 
and fax me your pile of papers 208-525-8292  with contact phone numbers and I will call you to talk about your custom coach order & answer any questions you may have. We also have some DVD,s that can be sent out to you .

Next, many customers will fly to the Idaho Falls Idaho factory ( to our major airport here ) to see first hand what we are capable of @ take a test drive ,we will usually have 3 to 5 units in various stages of productions and can show you the durability & quality that Powerhouse builds into our product that you WILL not find any where else . We take GREAT pride in our work .

A 5K scheduling deposit is required to reserve a production start date and begin the ordering process 
If said deposit is paid before the test drive and plant tour or blue prints it is 100% refundable until the customer has had opportunity to thoroughly inspect  Powerhouse Coach.

After the test drive ,a contracted price and production date will be established . We operate in very much the same way a general contractor would build you a custom home ( we are simply building Your new custom vacation home on 10 wheels ) it is a pay as we go program .We even have banks set up to do contruction loans just like they do on homes as well as long term financing .

    Upon ordering and contracting  moneys are required to order a new or located a lease return truck chassis.
The truck chassis will require full payment when it arrives this can very depending on Volvo ordering back logs . 30 days prior to the beginning of production a payment is required to secure start up building materials and parts . As we move forward with the build pictures are sent or customers visit as construction payments come due every 30 days through our production with a final payment due upon delivery . As production moves forward any changes require a signed change order to amend the original detailed options of the build and the contracted price . As I said before we do business VERY up front and straight forward and have been VERY successful in staying on the same page with our customers .

Thanks for your interest in our products and company.

Doug Tolbert President  Powerhouse Coach Inc.


Powerhouse Coach
2901 East 14th North
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Fax: (208) 525-8292
To manage our high call volume,  if you are seriously interested in a Powerhouse vehicle,
we ask that you first contact us by email or fax and include your phone number n your message
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